Can a person make love whenever fasting?Bible response

Bible Matter:

Exactly just just What scriptures show that fasting and/or refraining from sex during a quick, and/or doubting yourself lovemaking together with your partner? I will be a newlywed and my better half said that whenever a person fasts he or she cannot have intimate relations. You need to reject your flesh of all pleasures. Could it be real? What scriptures straight right back this up?

Bible Response:

There are two main questions that are previous with fasting that may be of great interest. The one that is first entitled, “When fasting, how many times would you pray?” plus the 2nd one is, “ What does fasting add?” You will need to understand that fasting involves doubting yourself just food and often water. Now we shall learn in the event that Bible teaches this is certainly fine to produce love when fasting. That is, are you able to make make together with your spouse while fasting or can you have sex along with your spouse while fasting?

God’s Commands About Intercourse

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