23. Also us together, I know nothing that will set us apart if I can’t tell what has brought.

24. I’m counting it per heartbeat. I’m patiently waiting around for the we’ll be together forever day.

25. Until my heart stops loving you, you stay the greatest of magicians.

26. Regardless of how difficult loving you will definitely ever be, be sleep guaranteed that my commitment will never ever wane.

27. To love you is my history, to keep with you forever is my tradition and also to cherish you is my lifetime tradition.

28. Fortune should have found me personally wanting of real love and chose to favour me to you.

29. I will be willing to stand by you once we walk this way to endless joy. I’ll be around forever.

30. Most importantly, my heart has one day-to-day task it can’t but do. Its core task would be to love you.

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31. Morning, noon and evening, your love never left my heart because that’s where it belongs forever.

32. It is simply a simple go with whenever|compliment that is mere} individuals appreciates my deeds… i’ve one to thank for this all.

33. My heart wouldn’t stop beating to the rhythm of monumental ecstasy and today i then found out you’ve been the main reason.

34. I’m learning every hour regarding the time; understanding how to learn how to pay off your immeasurable care.

35. I’ll keep you near to my heart all long and nothing, no storm will be able to shake you off day. Read More