Pretty girl searching for rich spouse gets reality check from ‘J P Morgan CEO’

New Delhi: Some years back, a gold-digger that is 25-year-old search of a rich spouse stuck her neck out on Craigslist nyc requesting advice on landing Mr Moneybags. Ms Pretty, as she called by herself, had been rewarded by way of a page from some body claiming to function as the CEO of J P Morgan (never ever confirmed) containing a product therefore bitter that she took by herself and her post off Craigslist.

Online being just just just what it’s, nevertheless, has held Ms Pretty’s plea in addition to businesslike deconstruction of her worth as a rich guy’s potential romantic partner alive as well as in social networking blood circulation. Seven years after Ms Pretty slunk away tail between feet, the expected J P Morgan CEO’s advice nevertheless holds great for other people of her tribe.

Additionally it is actually funny.

Ms Pretty’s quest to money in:

I’ll be truthful of the things I’m likely to state right right here. I am 25 this season. I’m really pretty, have actually style and good style. I do want to marry some guy with $500k salary that is annual above. In ways that i am greedy, but a salary that is annual of1M is known as just as middle income in ny.

My requirement just isn’t high. Can there be anybody in this forum who has got money of $500k salary that is annual? Are you currently all hitched? I needed to inquire of: just just what must I do to marry rich people it seems that this is my upper limit like you?Among those I’ve dated, the richest is $250k annual income, and.

If some body will probably transfer to high price area that is residential the western of the latest York City Garden(?), $250k yearly earnings just isn’t sufficient.

I am right right here humbly to inquire about a questions that are few) Where do many rich bachelors go out? (Please list down the names and details of bars, restaurant, gym)2) Which age bracket must I target?3) Why many spouses regarding the riches are merely average-looking? Read More