Bass Optimization for Residence Theater with Multi-Sub + mDSP. Bass Puzzle Solved

Bass Puzzle Solved

For the past ten years I’ve been on a quest to obtain exactly exactly what appeared to be the impossible in my own movie movie movie theater space: advanced bass reproduction for each and every chair, not only the sweet spots. We’ve written many articles regarding the great things about numerous subwoofers and exactly how whenever properly put (and put up) you can smooth the bass response out over the whole listening area through the entire process of space modes manipulation which some respect as averaging, however in truth it changes their magnitude and timing making sure that there was less destructive disturbance (the main reason behind seat-to-seat variations). The end result is a lot increased efficiency and a far more sound that is uniform inside the space.

Before searching in to the information on this short article, we suggest viewing our YouTube video clip conversation that provides you a simple break down of this complex topic along calibration methods with pictures that will help you on your course towards bass nirvana. Read More