Just how to hookup my sony oled a1e to my sony x700 dvd player

Does your Yamaha for sure passthrough DV?

Your A1E would state DV within the image modification menu and a lot of settings are locked whenever DV that is viewing content.

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Thank you for all of the reactions folks! The above mentioned line got me personally thinking and I also thought to myself . of program the Aventage 870 does DV.

That I hadn’t updated the firmware that enabled DV processing thru the receiver until I realized.

I happened to be very much accustomed to running DV thru Netflix directly thru the Sony A1E that I forgot We necessary to upgrade the receiver lol (as well as the Xbox 1 X does not do DV processing with discs therefore I never ever seriously considered carrying it out). Many thanks for the feedback once again when I may continue to have tried other stuff in the place of this one that is obvious! DV happens to be a thru that is go X700!

Well we found a UBP-X700 on Cyber Monday because my Denon that is old UBP-1611 died that day. viewed Dredd night that is last it worked well! Read More