10 Fables About Dating Elder Women — As Compiled By A Real-Life Cougar

I’m a card-carrying cougar. I have already been a member that is consistent of “Cougar Club” since my hubby passed on. For almost 5 years, i have been dating a guy fifteen years more youthful than me personally.

Theoretically, that qualifies me personally being a cougar.

Based on Dictionary.com, the definition that is informal ofcougar” is “an adult girl whom seeks intimate relationships with much more youthful guys.”

Urban Dictionary takes it even further, sharing that “Cougars are gaining in appeal — particularly the real hotties — as young guys find not just an intimate high, but the majority of times a chick together with her shit together.”

I enjoy think about a cougar as a confident, independent, young-spirited woman whom takes place to choose the business of more youthful guys.

Listed below are 10 common fables about cougars, therefore the genuine factual statements about dating older females:

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1. A cougar is just a hunter whom preys on an innocent more youthful guy.

Who hunts whom? Some guys are obviously attracted to older females like most other”type that is physical” such as for example preferring blondes to brunettes.

A cougar exudes confidence, helping to make her an extremely desirable conquest to a more youthful guy. Frequently oahu is the more youthful guy whom draws near the older girl in hopes of the solely intimate, no-strings-attached relationship. Read More