Intercourse and relationships. Prostate cancer tumors and its own therapy make a difference your sex life

Our support that is sexual solution

Our support that is sexual service a opportunity for you personally, or your spouse, to speak with certainly one of our professional Nurses with an intention in assisting with intimate dilemmas after treatment plan for prostate cancer tumors. They could speak to you in depth concerning the impact of therapy in your sex-life and relationships, and discuss treatments that are possible techniques to cope with these modifications.

Your desire to have intercourse (libido)

Prostate cancer and its particular therapy can impact your desire to have intercourse.

Hormone therapy for prostate cancer tumors will probably reduce your sexual drive. Simply because some kinds of hormones treatment reduce your testosterone amounts, which will be exactly just what provides you with your libido. Find out more exactly how hormones treatment impacts you.

If you are on long-lasting hormone treatment, pose a question to your physician or nursing assistant about intermittent hormone treatment. Read More