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Immortal Aphrodite, on your own intricately brocaded throne, [1]

son or daughter of Zeus, weaver of wiles, this I pray:

Dear Lady, don’t crush my heart

with pains and sorrows.

5 But come right here, if in the past,

once you heard my far-off cry,

you listened. And also you arrived,

making your father’s household,

yoking your chariot of gold.

10 Then stunning quick sparrows led you on the black colored planet

through the sky through the air that is middle

whirling their wings in to a blur.

Where it really is permitted to get this thing remain true erect,

to seize the breast and touch with your hands

the meadow [2] that is made ready. And there is certainly dancing

and forgetting [root lГЄth- ] of bad things.

Euripides Cyclops 163-172

5. Associated sources (summaries and commentary by G.N.): in line with the account in Book VII of this mythographer Ptolemaios Chennos (ca. A.D. 100; by means of Photius Bibliotheca 152-153 Bekker), the first ever to plunge the heights off of Cape Leukas, the essential famous localization for the White Rock, had been none apart from Aphrodite by herself, away from love for the dead Adonis. Read More