/r/Porn totally Free — 84.4K subscribers Mostly it is male dominated, but additionally, there are women there

You’ll find amazing support here to conquer your dependence on porn (it, that is. if you wish to overcome)

There’s a bigger community Nofap (497K customers), but you will find loads of stupid, funny gifs about stopping masturbation, that is actually distracting if you wish to have severe discussion about it.

Nonetheless, NoFap is ideal for inspiration — but don’t expect any thing more there. That subreddit is dominated by more youthful dudes, while PornFree generally seems to attract an even more mature market.

Listed here are top 3 conversation threads from Porn complimentary Subreddit:

  • Truthful female perspective
  • FACT: Many major porn internet sites, including PornHub, are now actually owned by a secretive “influencing” business called MindGeek. They truly are why simulated teenagers, incest, and cuckolding videos are taking throughout the industry at the time of late. PornHub’s community supervisor REALLY does want you to n’t understand this.
  • As a female with porn addiction, i was disgusted by r/pornfree today

If nevertheless, you wish to locate a actually mature market, always always check away /r/SemenRetention (6.1K customers), that we actually practice myself.

You will find lots of advantages to conserving energy and ejaculating rarely… perfect for efficiency and drive that is sexual.

Here you will find the style of conversations you are likely to find at Semen Retention subreddit:

  • Met this adorable woman at a wedding yesterday and she texted me today. Needless to state the SR magnetism is genuine.
  • Women’s Reality
  • Simply strike 60 times of semen retention difficult mode, had a really interesting experience on a night out together on the weekend

/r/Relationships — 2.3 Million readers

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