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Rowan Williams ’ lecture in Rome marks an interesting reframing of ecumenical futures .

there is certainly, needless to say, the RC that is conventional model. The Church achieves the Unity which is why Jesus prayed whenever every Christian within the global globe submits to it as a Divinely sanctioned Imperium. Or decide to try the Protestant version. Structural and organisational convergence will somehow create a complex multiplanar hybrid. Every person trades inside their old but coherent structural and accountability models towards the shining one that is new. Unity continues to be a future objective, and then we all need certainly to make it work.

Those two notions have actually their finer points . The one that is retro-RC the virtue of coherence and straight accountabioity lines, allbeit a coherence that lots of of the very own supporters ignore. It does actually occur. The Protestant that is liberal one the worth of each and every strand and models mutuality, permission and fellowship but, right here comes the twist, it does not occur. Also, like its Roman colleague, this has a propensity to homogenise every thing into just what it desires them to rather be than using the difficulty to know the particularities which can make up any Church. Certainly these amount to more than merely a mistake that is ghastly God’s component. Read More