‘The meat market’: manufacturing and legislation of masculinities from the Grindr grid in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Grindr is an on-line dating application targeted at males. The working platform has arguably become a popular destination for fleeting erotic encounters, sexualised behaviours and ‘hooking up’ (Tziallas 2015 ). When a person logs into Grindr they have been supplied with a grid of other users. The grid is comprised of little containers showing scaled down variations of account images. This grid shows males to be able of location, with all the profile that is top the user’s own, as well as others be more geographically distant the further the user moves along the grid. Users can scroll through the grid and view the pages of other guys, but can only access a number that is limited of unless they pay a membership cost.

Current research around Grindr has a tendency to concentrate on homosexual men’s ‘risky’ sexual behaviours (Rice et al. 2012 ), interventions (Burrell et al. 2012 ), or even the creation of bad psychological well-being (Miller 2015 ; Jaspal 2017 ). These studies can pathologise homosexual men’s sexual subjectivities, while they conflate Grindr practices with sexually transmitted conditions and psychological state discourses. Such discourses can essentialise the complexities that are bodily shape gendered and sexualised subjectivities. Alternatively, I examine exactly exactly how masculinities and sexualities are negotiated and produced through the Grindr grid to know the lived connection with being a guy whom utilizes Grindr.

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Analysis of 30 interviews and four participant research diaries unveiled two relational productions of embodied masculinities on Grindr profiles – hypersexualised and lifestyle masculinities. Although they are maybe maybe not the masculinities that are only occupy the Grindr grid, they certainly were the absolute most commonly embodied by individuals and therefore most dominant. Read More