5 Expert-Approved methods for maintaining a Long-Distance Friendship intense

It is difficult as soon as your cross-town friendship modifications to a lot more of a situation that is plane-ride-away. Once you strike the fitness center together in the reg and now have weekly girls’ evenings in, imagining exactly what your relationship can look like whenever there are out of the blue huge number of miles between you is potentially tear-inducing.

But while your relationship will change, taking definitely it long-distance does not need certainly to mean the finish of closeness. In reality, based on Irene S. Levine, PhD, teacher of psychiatry during the NYU class of Medicine, distance can in fact strengthen your relationship.

“Long-distance friends are more inclined to invest focused periods of the time with one another,” Dr. Levine says. By investing more quality time together—read: perhaps maybe not quietly scrolling through social feeds at dinner—you might find which you appreciate your bestie much more. Read More