Colorado has its own payday loan providers that stay lucrative while billing costs roughly one-third of the typically charged in Alabama

State budgets: Alabama’s education budget starts to reconstruct, but General Fund struggles placed Medicaid at an increased risk — the contrast that is usual Alabama’s starving General Fund budget as well as its slightly healthiest but nevertheless insufficient Education Trust Fund spending plan is exceptionally stark this present year. The latest General Fund shortfall threatens devastating Medicaid cuts with effects that could ripple through the state’s entire health care system as education finally climbs back toward its 2008 funding level after years of enormous cuts. (The Legislature on 5 overrode the governor’s veto to pass a General Fund budget that would force deep Medicaid cuts april. Lawmakers may get back later on payday loans Michigan this present year for the special session to deal with Medicaid’s money shortfall.)

Tax reform: tobacco cigarette taxation for Medicaid: A win-win to boost health and fill Alabama’s revenue space — the continuing future of Alabama Medicaid is at risk as lawmakers confront still another General Fund that is threadbare spending plan. Read More