You would not think that which we’ve discovered within one after installing a PV system on our roof year

Therefore, exactly what took place into the photovoltaic system on our business roof? Simply speaking: it’s still here. In just a little longer: we’re able ton’t be happier we use that we as a company are reducing our footprint on this earth by generating a significant portion of the electricity. We’ve been monitoring our photovoltaic system, its output and our certain usage for more than a 12 months now, and want to offer you a short history of y our many insights.

We circulated variation 20.3.0 of y our PRTG iOS and Android os App

We frequently inform you here concerning the alterations in the PRTG variations together with brand new sensors and moneykey loans near me features the program provides.

INSYS icom + Node-RED + PRTG = Monitoring OT information

Regular site visitors, (that’s every body, right?) could have noticed we’ve recently become extremely enthusiastic about technologies outside of old-fashioned IT-focused monitoring. That’s not to imply that individuals don’t still have the love for several things “LAN, WAN, server & SAN”. But because so many of us at Paessler are hardcore, self-confessed, uber-geeks, we simply can’t resist the appeal of shiny tech that is new play with. That’s why a number of our current websites have actually an IoT or Industrial IoT focus. It is not merely blogs either: our last few PRTG releases have included brand new sensor kinds, especially for this exciting industry – MQTT, Modbus and OPC-UA sensors are now actually all for sale in PRTG, and we’ve written extensively about allowing technologies which will help using the often struggle of merging the IT and OT globes. Read More