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Usually do not go to the Dominican Republic as a result of safety and health measures and U.S. Embassy Santo Domingo modify on American Citizen ServicesFri.

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Embassy at understand that regional authorities have the effect of investigating and prosecuting the criminal activity. You may want to contact the tourist police through their mobile software. See our website on assistance for U. Embassy for support. Beaches and Resorts: don’t digest alcohol consumption alone or with brand new acquaintances you could satisfy whilst in the Dominican Republic.

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Never leave beverages unattended. This will place you in danger for date rape medications and assault that is sexual. Victims have already been assaulted whilst in remote or situations that are compromising often by resort workers or other tourists. Insist that hotel management just simply take action that is immediate involve appropriate authorities such as for instance calling the authorities.

Much more remote areas associated with the nation where is certainly not yet practical, see above for lots more step-by-step emergency contact information that is local. Liquid Sports: Swimming areas at some popular beaches are susceptible to undertows that are dangerous. Numerous beaches lack lifeguards, warnings, or signs and symptoms of unsafe conditions. Consult your resort, as resort supervisors frequently provide present information about neighborhood surf and swimming conditions. Usually do not swim alone, especially at remote beaches. First responders can be not able to access areas away from major cities or tourist that is major.

The capability to offer urgent treatment that is medical be limited. Read More