Love and intercourse in your your retirement houses. Partners and casanovas that are single about their love lives as seniors.

Partners and single Casanovas talk about their love lives as seniors.

Nola Jean Ward sat in her chair that is motorized in, unaware Keith Proctor have been viewing her from throughout the space. Whenever she turned around, he had been bent down beside their walker, their nose simply inches in the front of hers.

He then kissed her.

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“She just seemed therefore good sitting here. I did son’t understand what her effect would definitely be, but I became likely to do so anyhow,” Proctor says. “A kiss happened each and every time we came across from then on.”

The 2 had resided regarding the exact same floor at Victory Centre of Galewood retirement community regarding the Northwest Side for approximately a 12 months. They had never spent any time alone together while they had worked together putting on plays with the community drama troupe. Nevertheless, Ward had noticed Proctor’s visual appearance. In early stages, she joked with Proctor’s daughters which he could have no difficulty getting a gf in the community, however they keep they never ever let their dad in in the crush. At 83 years old, Proctor has a complete mind of dense, silver locks that flows straight right straight back from the razor- sharp widow’s top as a wavy tuft above their remaining attention.

“We raised some eyebrows around here,” Proctor claims. “There were plenty of double provides and speculating.” Now whenever Ward boils down the elevator to the grouped community room, the gaggle of residents sitting when you look at the lobby tells her finding her friend. “‘He’s into the collection,’ ‘He’s asleep within the television room,me,” says Ward, 78’ they tell. Together they’re going by nicknames including “the lovebirds” and (a common) “Ma and Pa Kettle.”

Richard Costabile, 71, the community’s social gadabout, isn’t yes whether Proctor and Ward are platonic or something more, but chuckles at just what he calls the “old geezer” couple he sees strolling from the cafeteria. Read More