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For lots more, see the AM!TT Framework and/or come to tomorrow’s conference.

Beyond for now I’ve scheduled four more meetings, continuing our Tuesday pattern tomorrow. I’ve IPTC penciled set for the 12th, so we have actually various other pending subjects:

  • Just exactly exactly exactly What information protocols and platforms should NewsQA, JTI, etc be using for exchanging data?
  • Just how can we help handle these overlapping signals schemas?
  • Can there be a good goal framework for calculating credibility? (We asked the concern in final years report. Recently I had a notion We like on this really.)
  • Should we upgrade and re-issue the report? Are there any those who desire to assist?
  • Think about credibility tools inside web browsers?
  • Claim Review, information about fact checking
  • NewsQA component 2, taking a look at certain signals

If you’d love to present or help arrange on some of these topics, please inform me. We’re able to additionally run them as a available conversation, with out a presenter.

More info on NewsQA and JTI

In retrospect, i will have described NewsQA before yesterday’s conference, to frame the help and discussion people decide whether or not to go to. Knowing that, i wish to state a things that are few next week’s subject, JTI. Both projects utilize online information sharing and also potential that is real combat disinformation, in completely different means.

First, right here’s the thing I need to have stated about NewsQA:

  • The NewsQA task, run by Jeff Jarvis’s team at CUNY, is creating an ongoing solution which will aggregate signals of credibility, to be around free of charge in 1Q20. Access will probably have limitations linked to intent.
  • They’re currently working together with about 100 credibility signals about domain names, given by different commercial and general public information providers. They usually have information for around 12,000 domain names news that is serving, mostly in america. Read More