Ah we think she’s the type we hate the essential from the beginning

The fact Jangmi has additionally been told about leads me personally to consider she actually is an orphan and hiding which is practical if she would like to marry up, since having no ‘blood household’ is nevertheless very seemed straight down upon in Korea. My mother and I also viewed this and both assumed she should be an orphan, since there is nevertheless some amount of taboo related to having no parents in Korea which actually has to alter because just what fault perform some children have actually? Having said that, i do believe Hyunhee is one of character that is useless the drama. Her out, nothing much would really change at this point if you took.

And I also feel just like that about Yeoreum to some degree i suppose he is adorable, but i’m like he is into the drama simply to ensure that there was “the other guy” element. Possibly if a far better actor played the smoothness, it would be bought by me more. Read More