Nightlife Information & Guidelines. Women doing work in may be removed from the club for the night.

Bar Fines

When they consent to opt for you and you intend to just take her down ahead of the club closes, you need to spend a cost (around 300-500 Baht) referred to as a “bar fine”. That is to pay the club when it comes to time that she actually is from the club, where she’d typically be entertaining and attracting more clients. She will ordinarily additionally get a share of this club fine.

The club fine just entitles one to take her out of this club. Whatever else needs to be negotiated between both you and the girl at issue.

but, the bar fine system does provide client some security. When you look at the not likely event that there surely is a issue you can easily get back to the club a day later plus the club should be able to help you in resolving any issues. Read More